Protect the environment. Use less energy.


Know what’s happening.

Monitor assets 24/7, in real-time. Check the health and performance of the entire
asset base in minutes. See data from sensors and historians. All from a mobile phone. Send updates to team members. Peace of mind for when things get complicated.


Fix it before it breaks.

Identify signals of performance degradation and asset failure. Get notifications
and alerts of equipment at risk of deterioration. Pinpoint root causes of failure. Avoid unplanned downtime.

Only change the oil if the oil needs changing.

Stop replacing parts when they are still usable. Shift from schedule-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance. Predict equipment failure under various operating scenarios. Strategically determine budgets. Lower maintenance spend.

Stop wrangling with data.

Easily organize time series data. Collect data from all sources. Create a single source of the truth and continuously update. Handle millions of data points. Stop messing with spreadsheets. Turn data into high-resolution information and insights.


Protect the environment.

Understand fill and pump run behavior. Identify sewer blockages as they
occur. See before your customers. Reduce spill impact. Save the environment.


Stop wasting energy.

Learn how your equipment behaves. Build a customized usage schedule. Know
how and when to save energy. Reduce electricity consumption.